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ok, so here's the deal

yea so i don't really remember, but i'm pretty sure i was feeling fine when i got up this morning, but then i had a bagel with orange jucie and suddenly felt nautios. and as time was progressing, i just kept on feeling sicker, and sicker and weaker and weaker untill time progressed. so, i was like i'm not feeling well enough to be doing things with ppl, like i don't want to be sick at someone elses house, pluse i didn't want to agracate thr marie/OCD girl (lol,jk).

so then i'm like, if i'm going to be sick i'm going to find out what's wrong with me. so i went on line and tryed to find a site where i could list my symptoms and it could tell me why i wasn't feeling well and what could make me feel better. so i spent abouttwo and a half hours answering about 1000 (literally) questions about my health history and shit and then find out you need to pay for the dianosis, good thing that i was feeling significatly better by then. (btw i've self dianosed my self and decided that i only get sick when i eat food tht are good for me but no more, i like my all-crab diet, and i really am not eating any milk-by-darey products from my house anymore)

and that was all slightly pointless for me to reiterate but whatever. i still feel a bit weak but maybe i just need my mind taken off of it. but here's the thing, i never got dressed today, so i need to do all that shit and my parents are makeing dinner right now so i guess i have to eat it. but i can see if i can go after, witch i doubt i'll be allowed to cause they don't like to drive the drk/rain and i "already made my decision", well they never said that but whatever, i coul see it happen.

so two things:
1.) if fran really comming? cause then i'll find a way
2.) if you do come at 12:00, then i will be sneaking out and i'll need to come back before my parents know or else i wouln't be able to come tomm, during that day (btw i really hope it stops raining!)

so text me or like IM me or like e-mail me, or contact me via-lj/the space, whatever and we'll see what goes down.
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