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omfg crazy shit

wow, soorry whore, i didn't see that post untill now so i couldn't like call you or get back to you on time. that's crazy shit though, yo what's going down tomm? like times and shit. and btw i was on line for like a wile today, if you see you got e-mails from me, yea, i down loaded "i'm sorry miss jackson", anyway yea i'm a bit tired right now so i'm not thinking of everything i have to say, but it might be fine cause i think i'm going to get up early tomm, that'll prolly be more normal for me then getting up at like 9:00, witch confuses me, anyway yea, i'm talking in semi-circles with the- anyway yea's.

btw, i've come to realize that i have a rock star complax (my own creation btw) and i like nicole richie sooo much better then paris hilton, paris is kind of stupid and fake and nicoles just like a thousand times better, anyway just wanted to let you know!

i wish i could write in circles in the lj

i can perform menial tasks,
what's that in business speak?
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