kickss (kickss) wrote in popping_out,

ok, shop & stop

ok, so olviously i go there far to much but today i went to shop and stop to go ummm, grocery shopping, and let me tell you, Let-Me-Tell-You, that place is fucking crazy.

so ok, first off, idk why i really went because i'm basically liveing in fear from my last trip, but you guys already know that but when my mom goes alone she buys really shitty foods, so i had to put and end to that.

but ok i wen praying not to see anyone i even vagly know and i don't think i did other then some kid that i think used to be in my chem class but i avoided him so i didn't really see his face. but ok there are some crazy ppl in there, and i've come to realize when writeing this that you really had to be there but there were kids going to prom and buying condoms and like old ladies wearing tight pants and big shirts buying white cassel burgers, lol.

the place is pretty funny if you look at it right, so here's what i have concluded:

-We Need to Do an Episode of Popping Out in a Super Market (crazy, i know but there are alot of funny things you could do in there)

anyway so thinking of that i want us to think of other places to shoot episodes

-the mall, olviosly
-a carnival , as long as one is in town
-walmart/k-mart, cause that would just be comedy
-a show, music not like broadway, cause we can't
-at cold stone, mmmMMMmmmm
-Starbucks, mmMMmmm
and you guys can think of other places

but just think of staying in one place for a long time, just imagine the possibilities, it could be really funny shit and we could meet ppl and use pick up lines and shit olviously, but we should totally go to those places and just chill to see what goes down (and if nothing, we wouln't air it)
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