kickss (kickss) wrote in popping_out,

i'm not really in a good mood

ok so i'm kind of pissed right now, but i'll deal with it for this because i have nothing to do

where, the fuck, is fran!?!? like seriously, we know she uploaded picks of her self on to live journal but she's not like writeing in the group and she's not writeing in her own lj either, WTF? we deffinitly need her for popping out

ok, so this show thing, i think it should be more recent then once a mounth because whore and coke are going to leave and going to go to colage and then how are we going to tape more then three or two episodes? but or else the ideas were good, and i think i'm going to write a song about pik up lines

are we ever going to the mall, or are we just wearing whatever to su party whore?

Bahhh i'm really pissed at life!! i wanna do my hair soo cause it's a weird non-discript way of being rebellious.

do you guys ever go to the beach just to chill? cause we should it's fun and you don't have to go in the water whore.

there's no food in my house and i'm chewing gum, great! (that was sarcasim btw) but yea i'm bored and basically just typeing for my health right now, i want something to do, but what? what to do? what?

btw whore, i IMed u and u didn't answer, TALK TO MEEEE

ok i'm done

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