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Well, finaly an entry in the live journal worth talking about and not just used to see what you guys where doing.
anyway sooooo. . . .

OH MY FUCKING GOD, O-M-F-G, so i basicall did nothing all day today other then try to draw pics of the new hair cut i want because i can't find it on line, like i seriously did so little that i forgot to eat, but then, at like 3:00 i decided to get dressed and then i went to the super market with my mom and-

OMFG, no not enouph emphasis, OH MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD (sorry god), have you ever gone some where hopeing not to see anybody and then seen like the worst person you could possibly see? Well, even if you haven't that happened to me, but like x FIFTY ([not wanting to see some one+seeing some one you don't want to see] x 50=the feeling ppl get when they want to commint sucide a.k.a. KILL THEM SELVES). ok so here's how it when down. . . .

ok so i have a friend that works there, so i was like prepaired to see him and weather i did or it didn't wouldn't have been like a major deal, then i see this science teacher from my school, and i hide, then i go to get leddis AND I SEE HER (but she was on the phone so i didn't have to have an annoying small talk conversation with her), then i see, guess who. no seriously just guess, like i know i'm not actually talking to you so only u'll know ur guess, but just guess away. ok, done? well it was. . . . fucking chris, yes the chris you all know and hate that has not "brains muscel or class" (lol, i quoted the book) from our "darling" little boces class. OMFG! WHAT THE FUCK! so that was already like three more ppl then i wanted to see but it just kept on comming, and i kept on running away from it all, i am so fucking pissed u can't believe! like i was seriouslu looking each way before i entered an isle, everyone's face i didn't see i was like "yea, great, i probubly know them too" and would run away. I FUCKING BUMPED INTO AN ISLAD IN ONE OF THE ISLESIN THE STORE!!!! and i just kept seeing chris over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, I WAS FLIPPING OUT (like whore was when everyone was stairing at her at the mall). i was seriously flipping out, so much in fact that it was bubbleing in side me and i just wanted to say something angrally out loud like "O M F G" or "WHAT THE FUCK" or "OH MY FUCKING GOD", but then of course everyone in the fucking place would have been stairing at me, but i was like muddering things under my breath and phisically freaking out beyond belief. and then as i'm leaveing I SEE THE FUCKING CUNTS FROM MY SCHOOL (yes they were girls but i only say "cunts" cause i'm verrrry angry), i almost threw up my hands and say "THIS IS COMPLETELY REDICULOUS!!!!" and then my friend whho i know works there is walking infront of us but i look away because i don't feel like dealing with confrontation and my mom's like "isn't that u'r friend infront of us?", but he was blocked by a car by then so i was like "Where? what are you talking about?" and played it off the she was crazy.(btw on the way in and on the way in and on the way out of the super market there was this lady sitting in her car with her door opened when we, she was the car next to us, and when we went in it was opened and when we left it was too, soooo weird)

OMFG,i was going insane but finnally we were leaveing and pulling out of te shopping center, and and we drive past ruby tuesdays, and my mom is like "have you ever gone to that ruby tueday's?" and i was like "no. i don't think i've ever been to ruby tuesday's" and she was like "yea you were u went there when you were little, and then i stop and think ,and then i start laughing. and my mom is like "why are you laughing? you're so weird" in that tone that mothers have that half says that u'r really strange and half says i'm ur friend, so i got really angry and had to justify my laughter, in witch telling her my internal [not ment to be external] thaughts and that REALLY PISSED Me OFF. so i had to tell her, "i was thinking i haven't been there since they joined the band waggon and turned into an applebee's typed place, and then i was thinking that Aplebee's needs to change it's name to a day of the week like the others, and then i was thinking they should call them selves "why not Wensdays?", if i had a resteraunt i'd call it why not wensday's?" and i was really pissed that i ghad to dipers that. And then, she sees this guy cut across a grass island on the road onto the opposit street,and she's like "gosh men drivers,they say women can't drive", witch PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED ME OFF!! because i deffinitly hate when women talk about men like that cause, personally i hate women and all the stupid shit that they do in any way steriotypically (other then shopping) like not understanding men and subliminally makeing them selves inferior AND THEN COMPLAING ABOUT IT!! Yea i hate that butanyway, then as a Culmination of all the other shit that happened in out little excertion when i was walking into my house a bog flew right at me and i was like "THIS IS COMPLETELY REDICULOUS". and i'm deffinitly still pissed about the day's past occurances, and idk if i'll ever go into shop and stop angain!!!!

so where are you guy's i really wanna converse with you guys about life and my past story and how i now have a thing where i kind of go "i hope that guy is gay", you can prolly relate to the whore,and this little story, and my hatred for women and i really wanna descus today's story because i'm still a little pissed!!

i'll fuck you up
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