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Movie night

I don't really care when it is and i like the idea of chilling with lost of snacks and stuff but watching movies all day and all night; it would make me really sturr crazy. We've gotta like take breaks and walk around and talk to ppl and stuff, i need light and contrast of personalities and stuff.

and few guide lines for movies, I Hate Chick Flicks and Romantic Comedies and movies with kids (other than home alone and big daddy for some reason); so basically anything haveing to do with kids, female empowerment, or fairtale-like-love-stories, or anything that would slightly fit into those catigories or anything that's just not believeable (i enjoy realism).

ok i'm wanna make a movie list too . . . .
1. Dazed and Confused
(I <3 this movie, and there's sex drugs and rock and roll don't worry)
2. The Karte Kid
(ok, kind of chilish, but very entertaining)
3. Best layed Plans
(because idk if i've ever actually seen a movie with Alessandro and it seems ike the funniest one)
4. Walk the Line
(because I have signs on and I slightly remember kind of wanting to see it)
5. Old School
(i wanna see it un-cut)
6. Waiting
(I never saw it and I <3 Dane Cook and Ryan Renolds)
7. Wedding Crashers
(i'm clearly in a comedy mood)

and i'll come up with more once i can come up with them
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