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What happened to popping out?

ok so fran is M.I.A. and marie hasn't posted anything in long, long time and me and whore don't seem to be keeping in touch as much, WHAT THE FUCK?! this hole situation is COMPLETELY REDICULOUS! So, a threesome/foursome (where the hell is fran-drae?!), is deffinitly in order, i deffinitly want to know what's good. i mean, it's like, i had a dream the other night that the third season of Project Runway came on early and santino was there doing his tim gunn impression and i was like, "OMFG!" anyway, not telling you guys was weird cause that was totally an -us- story, What's good, popper-outers? WHAT'S GOOD!?!?
anyway -THREESOME/ORGIE- it better happen

Peace on the Streets
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